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"Need A Word With Cupid" by Maya Delilah

A funky thank-god-I'm-over-you tune from the magical Maya Delilah, who captured our ears (and hearts) with her guitar work on previous single "Gravity". "I can't believe all the things that I saw in you", she sings angelically on "Need A Word With Cupid", free from the grasp of a time-wasting ex lover. I think we can all relate to that!

"CAN I?" by Deema

South East London rapper, Deema, drops the bubbly, self-assured new song "CAN I?" His first release of 2021, the track emphasises Deema's signature style, as he raps languidly over a 90s hip-hop inspired beat, produced by long-term collaborator Dom Valentino.

"Crossroads" Nia Archives

Nia Archives gives us big Greentea Peng vibes on the intro for this lo-fi jungle track. Taken from debut EP 'Headz Gone West', Nia Archives shows us that her live gigs will be the hottest ticket in town. Beginning life a hip-hop track, "Crossroads" was the first song Nia ever produced. Massive tune from an artist who will no doubt blow up ASAP.

"Baby Wants Out of the City" by bb sway

bb sway bottles the wanderlust that coursed through the veins of city folk during lockdown in her new tune, "Baby Wants Out of the City". With a summery production and breezy vocals, it's a sonic transportation to the idyllic beaches, meadows and myriad escapes of the mind.

"Anybody Else" by spill tab

spill tab makes her position clear on new track "Anybody Else", as she professes her romantic interest in a special someone, asking them to be exclusive. “This song is cheesy as fuck but I love it, it’s pretty straight forward, a little shameless - the lyrics are sort of a way of expressing my love without openly saying I love you", spill tab explained.

"Young Blood" by PHOEBE ∆X∆

Songwriter and producer, PHOEBE ∆X∆, shares her debut EP, 'Wisdom Teeth Pt.1', all written, recorded and produced by herself at home. “Wisdom Teeth are a metaphor for growing up, the teeth you start growing when you’re supposedly mature filling your head with pressure whilst failing to offer any wisdom at all”, Phoebe explained of the EP. Focus track "Young Blood", looks at "friendship and the growing you do in platonic relationships. It’s the freedom you feel when you’re with your true friends".

"Two Seater" by Willow Kayne

Discovered through Soundcloud, where she was dropping self-produced freestyles, Willow Kayne has dropped her debut single "Two Seater". It's a confusing yet addictive blend of punkish rap and 90s pop that positions Willow as one to watch this year.

"Telephone" by Tamaraebi

“Telephone is a psychedelic song that instantly transports you to a 1980’s movie theatre and laments unrequited love and moments lost that you can’t get back. Think Daft punk meets The Smiths.” comments Tamaraebi of the new single. It's a cut from the Nigerian-born, London-based artist's upcoming 'Spectrum' EP.

"Gently" by KINDER

A song so delicate, it freezes you to the spot for fear of breaking it's hold. Taken from KINDER's upcoming debut album, 'Different', "Gently" is an honest look at his behaviour when dating. “Having been in a relationship for so long, modern dating was a complete unknown to me. It can often lead people to act like a different version of themselves. I found myself moulding my personality to make people I was dating like me”, says KINDER of the track.

"Fox in the Henhouse" by Sabriel

Las Vegas neo-soul artist, Sabriel, narrates the feeling of betrayal caused by a seemingly trustworthy person as faint, throbbing synths and a soothing bass line slow dance with her unique vocals.

"Hold On" by Rhett Nicholl

North London artist Rhett Nicholl shares the honest and emotive new single, "Hold On". “I’ve lived a very dangerous and extreme life, but my story isn’t special", he says. That might be the case, but the way he tells it certainly is.

"Played Yourself" by Grace Weber

GRAMMY-winning R&B singer-songwriter, Grace Weber, is back with the soulful new single "Played Yourself". The anthem of healing is the next preview of her forthcoming debut album. Featuring a stunning Gospel choir backing, the song reclaims the narrative of a former toxic relationship.

"Rice Krispies" by lordkez & Money Badoo

South African rising alt star, lordkez, has dropped a new R&B/ hyperpop crossover project titled 'JUICEBOX'. On the bubbly focus track, "Rice Krispies", lordkez recruits Money Badoo for a melodically soft yet lyrically assertive tune.

"Beautiful Thing" by Lily Mckenzie

Written at a time when Lily was feeling "trapped creatively", her deeply personal four-track EP, 'Caged Bird', is dedicated to self-realisation and the liberation of the mind.

"Candela" by Amber Donoso

Amber Donoso shares her sophomore single with “Candela” a track that forges a new path, all the while staying true to the Latin background that inspires and defines her. Sung in Spanish, the bilingual artist grew up in London but spent years travelling between there and Chile.

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