Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Need Me Now" by LIAS

Rising German songwriter unleashes his potential on his new EP dropping today, including the warm and tranquil lead track “Need Me Now”.

"Reins" by Tone Ranger

Tone Ranger traverses the rich landscapes of the American West and looks to the stars in “Reins”, a cut from his brand new album.

"Bad For My Health" by Hanne Mjøen

Norwegian alt-pop queen Hanne Mjøen explores the ups and downs of a relationship on her latest track, "Bad For My Health". With a swelling chorus and pop-perfect chord progression, Hanne's sugar sweet vocals and honest lyricism perfectly capture the contradictions that can come with falling in love.

"Manic Pixie Dream Boy" by Ray Laurél

Inspired by an encounter with a flaky 'Manic Pixie Dream Boy' on Hinge, Ray Laurél's new track is all too relatable. "This song also comes as a reflection as to how I've definitely played the role of an MPDB myself," Ray says. "It's like a realisation that sometimes my intense, somewhat overly-romantic nature can be toxic as hell."

"DDVS" by Marie Noreger

The title track of her new EP, Marie Noreger’s “DDVS” perfectly crystallises how the Oslo artist traverses the R&B and soul genres to craft her own kind of music.

"Narcissist" by Denis Coleman

Fresh off a prestigious support slot alongside Little Mix, Denis Coleman keeps up the momentum with the cheeky yet introspective pop-rock of “Narcissist”.

"Island Gyal" by Kalpee

Trinidad and Tobago artist Kalpee sees us straight into the summer heatwave dancing with new banger, “Island Gyal”.

"Can't Stop" by Mike Rogers

Dutch indie dance trio Mike Rogers' latest drop "Can't Stop" tracks the story of a lonely man struggling with his past but wanting to fight the negativity. Bound to get you moving, the track vibrates with lashing percussion and a catchy beat-driven melody. Written in 2021 during a time of introspection, the group shares: "In our minds that year was a year where we had a lot of questions. Like, what is freedom, what should one fight for, how should one fight for something, how do we move forward as a society and also, how do we judge our past behaviour? We believe questions are the biggest inspirator."

"I Would've" by Jessie Murph

With new release "I Would've", Jessie Murph is leading us straight into sad girl summer with impactful vocals and bittersweet sounds. We're not crying, you are...

"PARADISE FM" by Theodor Black

As the title track from his new seven-song project, "PARADISE FM" feels like a manifesto for a new era for Theodor Black. Partnering with BaggE on the track, it's all about laid-back vibes and introspective lyrics.

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Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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