Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Tranquilo" by Twin Palms

A classic pulse-racer, featuring discordant drums and robust vocals from Kat Dahlia. The duo behind Twin Palms aim to fuse Jamaican Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afrobeats and electric dance - here, they add a Latinate influence to the mix!

"Broken Hearted Or What?" by AlienBlaze

Dicing up something of old school American rock, 90s shoegaze, grunge and emo-pop into a truly unique blend, the 19-year-old has written a break-up song to remember, finally uplifted by ethereal guitar backing.

"PUBLIK" by Cero Ismael

Cero Ismael's eclectic vocals bind this shapeshifting track together. Adopting a transcendent alt-hip-hop/R&B style whose stark percussion backing provides an equal match to Ismael's unique voice, "PUBLIK" consolidates the Dutch artist as one who will be sticking around.

"Anxiety" by Temptress

The second of the duo's lockdown singles (the first was appropriately named "SOS"), this floating lo-fi meets R&B number is a cathartic release for the pair. Jess and Vlad recently headlined their own show at the Pickle Factory and opened for Rejjie Snow.


One which will have your eyes watering, this is ASHWARYA's most unguarded single yet. From her debut EP, it was her favourite to make “because of how daunting it was for me to get so vulnerable”.

"I Like Me" by dexter

Ahead of her awaited debut EP 'I Do Love A Good Sandwich', dexter has shared this chirpy and breezy single. Spreading self-love, the single was written about it being "cool to be both girly and not girly".

"Dancers" by Luca Firth

Streaming, tinkling guitars wrap around Luca Firth's husky vocals in the second ever single from the young indie folk musician - yes, Colin Firth's son - who has been gearing up over lockdown to make his debut.

"sms" by Kai Kwasi

Melding hip hop with velvety jazz, the South Londoner Kai Kwasi's sophomore track offers up shadowy guitars, silky sax and the carefree rap bars of KarimThaPeasant.

"BFS" by Viji

Another feisty 90s-throwback single from tough rocker Viji, this time turning it down a notch from the punch-through-the-wall feel of "Suck It". Slightly resigned, but ultimately content, the Australian-Brazilian has captured an absolute summer mood.

"Fool's Love" by Muzi

Electronica that springs and jumps through speakers, this is Muzi's intoxicating follow-up to "Microwave Love". Made with long-time collaborator BlackRose, this is the third track from Muzi's upcoming album that is destined to have you dancing.

"Afterglow" by Richie Quake

Slightly trippy, definitely hypnotic, Brooklyn artist Richie Quake's billowy latest ends with wrung-out electric guitars. Taken from Quake's EP 'Voyager', this is music for the early hours.

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