Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Sunshine State" by Pixey

Co-opting an Elvis-like all-American sound but ladling up a contemporary twist, Pixey, hailing from Liverpool, is a thoroughly DIY artist. She has already grabbed the ears of BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Simone Marie and Edith Bowman.

"What You Do" by Faye Meana

A hint of trip hop infuses this jive-inducing track from Faye Meana, laced with her irresistible vocals. The singer says it is about "a dishonest partner, whether they’ve been unfaithful or are just partial to a lie thinking that you are completely unaware or too naïve to know the reality of what’s going on."

"Fine & Peachy" by Eliza Shaddad

Ripe for picking from her latest album 'The Woman You Want', this is a straight-talking offering from the Sudanese-Scottish artist. Mixed by Grammy winner Sam Okell, this is a single about Eliza Shaddad coming to terms with herself.

"Other Side of the Room" by Harve

An unsettling sonic soundscape slips into Harve's startlingly hopeful and upbeat melody. This is a combination of sounds that you've never heard before - the South East London artist is rewriting the rules of pop.

"Days n Nights" by Mimikat

With sultry late-evening feel acoustics and syrupy yet candid vocals, "Days n Nights" is Sheffield-born, Singapore/Hong Kong-raised, London-based Mimikat's debut single. The track is made in league with her London neighbour, Azekel.

"Black Airforce Activity" by simon a.

Serving up a super smooth helping of soft hip hop, don't be fooled by this track's seeming serenity - simon a.'s lyrics here are his most unflinching yet.

"it's a landslide" by beaux

A classic upbeat tune turning the break-up song on its head. Co-written with Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Benji Gibson, beaux's sound is the musical equivalent of a cheeky grin.

"Malibu" by Emma Bradley

“‘Malibu’ is about my best friend, who is like a sister to me and means everything to me,” says the London-based singer Emma Bradley. An ode to platonic love, the track is a poignant and delicately rendered sophomore single.

"Babies" by Liz Lawrence

A heady mix of rock and electro-pop, the former one half of Cash + David continues to amp up her solo career. Liz Lawrence has explained the inspiration behind the track: "I thought of a man who's driving to work every morning and saying goodbye to his wife, kissing her on the cheek and then going to sit in his car, even though he lost his job months ago."

"Wasted" by Morly

Elements of gospel and the blues meet in Morly's "Wasted". The Minneapolis-born artist boasts a discography which brings her other-worldly vocals and masterful song-writing abilities to capture emotions rarely reached by music.

"ME!" by Jasper Tygner

Stemming from his early experiences of the London rave scene, Jasper Tygner creates immersive psychedelic sound arrangements to lose yourself in. "ME!" is no exception - blending dappled electronics with a crisp beat.

"Smoke" by ANDRO

London based artist Andro shares his debut EP ‘Mortal’, which combines elements of soul, synth pop and gospel. On 80s-tinged synth ballad "Smoke", ANDRO said: “I was frustrated with feeling like I wasn't able to write or produce a song. I flew to LA on my own for a break and I got high and wrote 'Smoke'. It's basically about getting high to write but was almost a precognitive testimony to the pandemic that I was about to come back home to in London.”

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