Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Bouquets" by Yumi Nu

A slow-treading tune from the Japanese-American R&B artist Yumi Nu, who has just announced her debut EP 'Hajime'.

"Refrigerator" by BAD WITH PHONES

BAD WITH PHONES, aka Manny, manages to be chic and subdued while injecting big energy into "Refrigerator". On the track, he says: "I heard the beat and it sounded like an anthem and made me feel like a cold motherfucker hence the title… I also recorded it with the mic in my refrigerator".

"A Thousand Miles" by Mysie

Mysie's mellow vocals make this track, which brings gently funky instrumentals into contention with gospel-esque backing.

"High Life" by Luke Royalty

Newcomer Luke Royalty is whistling his way through the end of summer. On "High Life", he says: "It’s written about the insecurities that play in your head even when things are going well and not trusting yourself when you’re on the up with the looming thoughts that a down could be just around the corner."

"Handheld" by Ultra Q

4-piece from California Ultra Q offer up a shock of rock ahead of their 'Get Yourself A Friend' EP.

"So Much to Say" by Mrley

Following up on his debut "My Side of London", Mrley quite literally has so much to say. This is a yeller of a tune.

"Queen" by Erica Cody

Erica Cody's letter to her younger self in song form, drips, as usual, in self-confidence.

"Tell Me" by Rhett Nicholl

A smooth and suave single from the Finchley-based artist Rhett Nicholl with touches of funk and gospel.

"High Way" by Shango SK

The multifarious artist Shango SK brings a poignant Y2K feel song to hit you in the feels.


The 21-year-old artist LVRA melds bubble gum pop, trap and R&B into one power-crushing single.

"1013" by Miso Extra

Miso Extra serves up a bilingual melting pot of sounds and influences. At only her second single, it's a gobsmacking start to her career.

"mySakura" by thomTide

Wavy artist thomTide reels in the end of his year-long seasonal project with a spring-feel blossoming single.

"Where You Are" by shiv

The Dublin-based DJ turned singer-songwriter shiv soars above the clouds in this soulful trip-trop-patterned track.

"Child In Red" by prxz

An ominous single taken from prxz's upcoming album, the artist says: "The colour red typifies the album as a whole, with this song being at the darker end of that palette. I just felt the need to put my thoughts somewhere in what was a bleak time. I don't care if it isn't easy to listen to, this song is my own little dystopia."

"4AM" by Girlhood

The duo docked somewhere on London's canals serve up a candid single "4AM", with 90s and 80s vibes and rich vocals to match. Girlhood's debut album is on its way.

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A weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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