Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Pick Me Up" by Milan Ring

Fast-rising Aussie R&B artist Milan Ring has made the announcement of her debut album 'I'm Feeling Hopeful' with a staggering single to reel you in. Speaking to themes of royalty and beauty - as represented by the mudra (Indian dance symbol) Allapadma which features on the single’s artwork - ‘Pick Me Up’ ponders ideas of vanity, sexuality and confidence.

"Violet Light" by Bleach Lab

From their ‘Nothing Feels Real’ EP, Bleach Lab’s latest is a life-affirming tune. Written about the death of Josh Longman’s father, the bassist comments: “I think this track has really helped me overcome a lot of things that maybe I thought I would never talk about. ‘Nothing Feels Real’ as an EP title definitely is how I’d describe the situation I was in.”

"Made a Vow" by Millie Turner

19-year-old Millie Turner is sticking to her guns with a slightly gritty sound that oozes with don't-mess-with-me vibes on this punchy new pop track.

"Blush" by prxz

Self-confessed shy musician prxz has unveiled his next run-up to his forthcoming self-titled album - it's a harp-backed, finger-clicking tune.

"Worship Me" by Orchid

The multitalented producer, songwriter, singer, and visual artist shares a silky yet glitchy new single: “I originally wrote the song as a promise to treat myself better, when I was in a really bad place and my confidence was at an all time low. I think I wanted it to be about imperfect self-love that is hard and painful, especially when the world asks us, pretty aggressively, to love ourselves but is shocked and uncomfortable when we actually do."

"My Heart It Beats for You" by grentperez

A sunny ray to slice through your autumn, grentperez explains: “My Heart It Beats For You' was initially created live on Twitch, where I started the song and the chat would type out some lyrics that they thought fit. I hand picked a few and their contributions which made up the second verse, ‘And when the sun sleeps at night…’”

"What About Me" by Naomi Kimpenu

A deeply stirring single from Naomi Kimpenu, backed by heartrending piano. The artist has just released her debut EP 'Prelude', and it's full of gorgeous numbers such as this.

"Better Run" by Honey Mooncie

Honey Mooncie has been whipping up quite the storm. Her ‘To Whom It May Concern’ debut mixtape has launched and "Better Run" is a pared-back ode to sneaking out the back of a party.

"Lilah's Lullaby" by Lilah

East London newcomer Lilah has revealed her first single and it's a harmonic lullaby to drift away to. ​​She explained: "‘Lilah's Lullaby' is about dealing with what we lose growing up, that sense of safety found in innocence, but reassured through the eyes of our parents".

"Rainy Days" by Kasia Konstance

Soon to be performing at the London Jazz Festival, this starry, flute-flaunting, lo-fi-feel single from Kasia Konstance is one to listen to while you wait.

"Taku" by Muzi

From Muzi's latest album 'Interblaktic', this is a dreamy final addition to its tracklist - impossible not to get caught in its flow.

"Make My Day" by Erika de Casier

The Danish-Portuguese singer Erika de Casier is back with those strong Y2K feels - "Make My Day" cruises along with all the majesty of our fave 00s pop icons.

"American Scam" by Tommy Newport

Fresh off the new EP 'Liquid', Kansas crooner Tommy Newport provides zipping electronics and unsettling synths.

"Sins" by Rhett Nicholl

Rhett Nicholl’s “Sins” is another murky, cinematic single to blast through your earphones, from his latest album ‘La Bas’.

"Frankie Intoleratoriano" by Salmon Cat

Dream-poppers Salmon Cat, made up of vocalist/producer Lloyd Macdonald, singer Jess Smyth and guitarists Alfie Jackson and Harry Hayman, have shared their delightfully breezy new single, with just a touch of funk.

"Girlfriend" by Catherine Sunday

Portuguese pop artist Catherine Sunday is back with a sassy pop belter, replete with badass lyrics and a powerful production. Inspired by Charlie Puth's"Girlfriend", Sunday said it's "about being in that awkward situation of when you are with someone, but you haven't really talked about what you are or where it's going. It's a mess, but feelings more often than not get you in weird situationships.”

"BOLT" by icekream

Together with Tully, the producer icekream serves up a slick helping of rap - with punchy one-liners and a swooping pace, icekream is standing firm.

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