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"Someone That I Made" by April

Irish star-on-the-rise, April, encapsulates the pain, fear, excitement and relief of growing up in her latest single. She said: “'Someone That I Made' is about being away from comfort and missing family and safe familiar places, it’s about growing up and realising everything you need is already there no matter where you go".

"Oxymoron" by Lilah

London newcomer Lilah has dropped her 7-track debut EP 'Atlantis', a blend of R&B and indie that explores monogamy, inner conflict, growing up, introspection and acceptance. She said: “Atlantis is a place of refuse in between all these states of being. A place to simply exist and reflect. That’s where I want to take everyone who hears it.”

"18 & Over" by Nia Archives

Nia Archives flips reggae classic "Young Lover" on this new track, which digs into her Caribbean heritage. Self-described as a "future classic", we can't help but agree.

"Chance My Heart" by Eden Hunter

Pop princess in-the-making Eden Hunter has dropped this uplifting synth-pop bop all about following your dreams and never giving up on what’s in your heart. Eden commented: "I think when you want something so much, you have to be prepared to take risks and put what you have out on the line. Writing this was a reminder to me to go after my dreams no matter what".

"What The People Want" by Dutch Mustard

Dutch Mustard's new track is a rousing, triumphant ode to individuality and empowerment. ‘What The People Want’ is about playing the system” says Sarah-Jayne, “A realisation that you can do anything, give the people what they want, and still stay truthful“,

"Wyhg" by J Appiah

J Appiah darkly pairs guilt with exhilaration on the explosive "Wyhg", which is an acronym for "Where's your heart gone". He said: “Inspired by a relationship, it’s a question I ask myself when I know I’ve done something wrong. I think everybody does".

"Eyes Wide Shut" by Sola

South London musician Sola has shared the delectable new single that fuses jazz elements with ambient electronics and R&B. Plus, it's self-produced which makes the track all the more incredible.

"In The Arms Of December" by Memorial

Brighton-based folk-pop duo Memorial have shared this tender, gently harmonised new single with a Christmas glow. They said: ""In moments of high stress, grief or imbalance in day to day life, we noticed our affinity with ghosts, afterlife or at least the presence of some ethereal energy, is always heightened..."This song was born out of one of those nights in mid-December, the festive season had truly kicked in but felt completely elsewhere".

"Payday" by Yard Act

Rising band Yard Act have dropped an invigorating banger in the shape of new single "Payday". James Smith said: "It’s about gentrification, class fetish and how the human brain is so powerful that with enough time and processing power combined it will be able to justify, defend and/or continue to commit the actions of any human being it controls.”

"Higher Calling" by kiskadee

London-based producer kiskadee shares this euphoric and atmospheric new single. He shared: "I came across the sample (Archie Thompson - Higher Calling), about a year ago during lockdown...I was inspired to flip it into the track after a recent trip to Printworks, being in the midst of euphoric bodies dancing the night away, almost transported to another plane".

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