Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Home" by Dope Saint Jude

Dope Saint Jude hasn’t dropped new music in two years, but the South African artist is back as if she never left with her new tune “Home”, a romantic and tender examination of relationships that’s reflective of her introspective turn for her upcoming EP.

"Affection" by yunè pinku

One of Notion’s One to Watch for 2022, yunè punku’s star is rising and rising, and she’s set to drop her very first EP at the beginning of April, from which her new single “Affection” has come. It’s a winding and ethereal journey through the storied history of British electronica that ends up at a place unique to her. She shares, ““Affection is about all the work we put in to get the attention of a crowd or a person but feeling dissatisfied when you get it. I think it was a really fun one to make because it just had a lot of energy but it’s a bit moodier than other pieces I’ve made.”

"Fantasy" by Cariss Auburn

Cariss Auburn emerges from her brief hiatus with a confident declaration of a new era for the singer. Her first new track of the year, “Fantasy”, is an absorbing mixture of Auburn’s signature vibey R&B sounds and an undercurrent of 80s-styled funkiness.

"June Gloom" by Alix Page

Alix Page announces her arrival confidently today with the drop of her debut EP, ‘Old News’. “June Gloom” is a previously-unheard track from the four-song collection, sporting the catchy choruses and wry pop culture references – Phoebe Bridgers and Bruce Springsteen references in the same verse, hell yeah – that are fast becoming her trademark.

"Living & Surfing" by BAD WITH PHONES

BAD WITH PHONES, fresh off endorsement by BBC Radio 1Xtra and 6Music, returns with his classically minimalist and intricate new tune, “Living & Surfing”. The artist explains that Living & Surfing is a song about ‘couch life’ - my journey being out in my favourite city Berlin. Living off the bare minimum.. meeting friends that I’ll know for the rest of my life, having my heart broken, breaking hearts (Of course), eating falafel wraps every day, sleeping on park benches, being harassed by the police and last but most importantly sexy bass lines."

"I Love This Song" by flowerovlove

Another rising star tipped for big things this year by Notion, the 16-year-old flowerovlove is an artist showing an eye for unique sounds and ideas well beyond her years. Her new tune “I Love This Song” is another calling card for her, bringing mellow vibes crafted with genuine care to the table. She says, “This song is genuinely about my love for good vibes in life and living in music - I love this song that I’m making right now as I’m making it. This song’s only purpose is to make you wanna dance around in your room.”

"She's Not In Love" by BenjiFlow

It’s a big day for North London artist BenjiFlow, who has dropped a brand new album today. “She’s Not In Love” is a highlight cut from the album, buttery-smooth vocals and absorbing lyrics ready to lull you into blissed-out calm.

"something" by Joey Knight

Joey Knight has been impressing with his steady releases of new tunes for several months now, and “something” is another brick in the road towards something big for the singer – a gentle and bittersweet tune that takes big emotions and processes them through a comforting layer of calm.

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