Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Internet Friends" by iamkyami

Fast-rising star iamkyami expresses the painful isolation and boredom we all felt during these past years in their new track “Internet Friends”, but also the curious opportunities it brought too. On the new track, they say, ““Internet Friends” is about trying to make more meaningful relationships with people while trying to break down the barriers that the internet creates. There’s people I speak to a lot online but the relationships seem like they can be very surface level. They probably don’t know my birthday or my favourite food or simple things like that.”

"Luv Like" by Nia Archives

Nia Archives continues the run-up to her highly anticipated new EP next month with “Luv Like”, a strikingly personal tune which expresses her struggles with bodily dysmorphia.

"Silly Boy" by Lynks

Lynks comes out firing on his boldly danceable new tune “Silly Boy”, which takes aim at two toxic forms of masculinity – brash bro culture and softboi Pulp Fiction types (overrated film, anyway).

"Mulan" by DEJA

DEJA is going bold with the release of her fierce new track “Mulan”, where she’s the badass heroine of her own story, just like the sword-fighting Disney hero from which the song takes its name. She explains, “Much like Mulan, DEJA will ignore all rules to stand up for what she believes in. Long story short, don’t get in a bad bitches way. As kindred spirits, DEJA’s new single ‘Mulan’ reiterates what you already know; DEJA is the main character and you better treat her as such.”

"Digital Atlas" by Daisy Brain

London indie-grunge artist Daisy Brain has been acclaimed as reminiscent of ‘early Radiohead’. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, let his vibrant new track “Digital Atlas” invite you into the hype. He says, “I really didn't want to write a "lockdown" song, but digital atlas describes the headspace I was in at the time. I found myself becoming more and more insular, trying to escape the world by almost any means possible and reliving my childhood by getting addicted to world of warcraft. I've made it sound really dark there, but the song isn't. It just reflects this strange, surreal headspace of not really knowing where the real world and the virtual world end and begin.”

"Floating" by Amaroun

Amaroun’s new track “Floating” is as direct as a bullet. The track, running just over a minute, directly and concisely communicates a stripped-down emotionality that’s truly Amaroun’s own. She describes it as a “meditation on getting lost at sea”.

"Growing Up" by The Linda Lindas

All-female punk band The Linda Lindas announced their presence loudly and proudly last year with a performance at the Public Library in Los Angeles of “Racist, Sexist Boy”. Now, they’re ready to put out their debut album, from which the new tune “Growing Up” is the title track.

"Pompeii" by Cate Le Bon

Cate Le Bon hardly needs to prove herself to her fiercely loyal fanbase, but she’s far from resting on her laurels. Her new album, ‘Pompeii’ is another leap forward for the Welsh artist, an idiosyncratic work with little interest in fixed genre boundaries.

"a woman is a god" by Tommy Genesis (feat. BIA)

Tommy Genesis hit big with her bop “a woman is a god”, earning several million streams last year. Now, she’s ready to level up the song with a remix that tags in rapper BIA for a guest verse.

"My Bestfriend's House" by Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii hit the dancefloor again with the latest look at their forthcoming EP, the new track “My Bestfriend’s House”, a melodic disco treat which celebrates the bond that the musical duo share.

"Beyond" by These Brittle Bones

Stay calm and take a deep breath – These Brittle Bones is here to bring some chill to your new music Friday with the new track “Beyond”, a low-fi expression of the tranquillity of those early mornings in the city.

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Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.