Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

"Earn It" by Surya Sen

Rising artist Surya Sen takes it from North London to the Bronx on his new tune “Earn It”, a universal and gritty tune about the graft of city life. On the track, he says, “It’s the final single before my mixtape comes out and it sums up all of the blood, sweat and tears that defined 2021 and the mentality I felt I needed to survive it, over a big distorted bassline. It’s about hard graft in London and doing what you can month on month to survive and thrive in the city. It details the feelings and emotions that arise throughout the night and a sonic and social commentary of London around me.”


Notion Instazine stars POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE have quickly proved themselves one to watch, and they’re far from done. Their new single, “MIKE”, is an infectiously exuberant tune pulled from their forthcoming mixtape, due out in two weeks. On the track, they say, “It was like someone removed the barrier between us and our creativity and we just had complete freedom. MIKE is that song that you want to listen to when you’re going to school or work or wherever and you just want to have that moment where you let it all out and don’t care if anyone sees. That’s what MIKE is to us, it’s freedom.”

"Please Don't Make This Weird" by tinyumbrellas

tinyumbrellas delves into the tangled awkwardness of mismatched feelings on her new single, “Please Don’t Make This Weird”. On the song, she says, “It’s about when you meet someone new, and they’re really lovely and you both get along really well, with the exception of one thing - both having opposite ends of the stick. It’s not particularly nice to be on either side of the situation this song talks about, but I feel like if you care about someone enough, a solid and meaningful friendship is just a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

"Late Night Drive" by KeepVibesNear

The rising Romford star KeepVibesNear delivers a collaboration to remember in “Late Night Drive”, a hypnotic and nostalgic tune which tags in hip-hop duo Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn. On the tune, KVN says, ““This song for me was a feeling, I think of this as a story like a tale. It’s one of those songs that stuck out as special as soon as I had the idea. Late-night drive with bae just hits the imagery perfectly really and I think when everyone hears this song it will just make you wanna go for a little cruise.“

"Be Alright" by Congee

“Be Alright” is the start of an exciting journey for Congee, the brain child of Sam Tsang. His debut single blends intricate production with heartrending emotion. On the song, Congee says, “This song touches on the relationship between me and mum. She was born in China and moved here when she was a teenager not knowing a word of English. I was born in the UK and my Chinese is pretty much non-existent. Even though there is a language barrier between me and my mum, sometimes all I need is for her to tell me that everything is going to be okay.”

"Forget Me Nots" by Lucy Feliz

Brighton-based indie-folk artist Lucy Feliz takes a journey inwards in the contemplative new song “Forget Me Nots”. On the track, Feliz says, “ “I often find myself balancing on the fence between active and passive thoughts. And the past couple of years have made me super aware of the small scenes happening in the background that make up the bigger picture; like feeling relieved for the ground when the rain comes, the efficiency of the postman snaking up and down the street, taking time to make time, and not having any real control... the world can change at any moment and we just have to ride it out.”

"Grog Log" by All Things Blue

LA duo All Things Blue kick off an exciting new era with the single “Grog Log”, an escapist tune which mixes in nostalgic 1960s psych-pop sounds inspired by The Beach Boys. On the song, they say, "Musically, Grog Log is inspired by Tiki Drinks. Lyrically, it’s inspired by real life, while a beautiful thing, is also filled with let downs and situations that don’t live up to expectations we come up with in our minds. As a human who likes solutions, I can get a bit addicted to daydreaming. When I can’t figure out people’s nuanced and often nonsensical emotions, I can escape into my mind to live out scenarios the way I wish they really would turn out.”

"SLOOOWLY" by Marie Noreger

Marie Noreger promises to take things “SLOOOWLY” with her new single, and she means it, producing a tune which tinkers and experiments with every aspect of production to fascinating effect.

"Spinning Heart" by Christian Cohle

Christian Cohle immerses the listener into a lonely world of longing and loss in his new single, “Spinning Heart”. Reflecting on his experiences, Cohle says, “I was being spun around by the pain, the loss, the confusion, the doubt caused by having to end what was a really beautiful relationship.”

"Never Mine" by Frida Touray

Swedish born, London-based talent Frida Touray puts her best foot forward on “Never Mine”, a first glimpse into the vibrant emotional world of this rising artist. On the track, she says, "This song is about a love with beautiful potential but one that never gets to grow and evolve. It’s about longing for something and someone that you ultimately cannot have and learning how to let go."

"Weatherman" by Eddie Benjamin

Handpicked by Sia and Justin Bieber as an artist to watch, Eddie Benjamin is ready to make a statement, and he does so with his new single “Weatherman”, a slice of sunny pop optimism that should brighten up these stormy days.

"Gone" by Blithe

Pop star in the making Blithe has dropped a new EP, ‘Undersharer’, from which the track “Gone” is taken. It’s a carefully crafted work of confident pop from an artist surely on the way to bigger and bigger success.

"Emotional" by Glowe

Multihyphenate Georgia Lowe, aka Glowe, returns with her new single “Emotional”, a true earworm of a song that’ll have the listener tapping along and painfully relating at the same time.

"Love Life" by Navy

Navy returns with a bang on her new tune “Love Life”, an infectious statement of intent for the Afro-Caribbean hip-hop soul mogul which pays moving tribute to her heritage.

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Undiscovered is a weekly playlist sharing our pick of the best new music from the world's most exciting emerging musicians. You heard it here first.

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