Lewis Fitzgerald's latest single 'Unloveable' is filled with candour and promises a year ahead of alt-pop success.

In the first fortnight of January, not everyone is completely ‘themself’. Some of us will be in a supposed ‘new era’, of cold showers and being over exes, others will be hibernating until all ‘new year, new me’ hype subsides. Lewis Fitzgerald on the other hand, is starting out 2024 with unfiltered honesty: last week the artist shared ‘Unloveable’, a new single which unapologetically explores pain and insecurity through introspective melodies.


The rising south London songsmith has already captivated audiences with his newfangled style of melancholic, alt-pop: last year a strew of singles and the debut EP, Our House, affirmed Lewis Fitzgerald as one to watch, with Kiss FM, BBC London and MTV among the prolific stations propelling him into the spotlight. The artist’s soul-stirring compositions lie somewhere between the music of Ed Sheeran and Post Malone (he cites both as influences); acoustic guitars, resounding piano chords and subtle percussive beats are a mainstay of songs, masterfully produced to evoke strong emotions. Listeners have been hooked, with good reason, and last year Lewis’ most-streamed track ‘Darling’ racked up 6.7 million views on TikTok.


Now, in ‘Unloveable’, Lewis Fitzgerald is baring his soul to a growing and diverse fanbase. The lyrics explore heartbreak, the fallout of toxic relationships and the deep insecurities which obstruct the search for love. Creating a brooding backdrop along with the instrumentals is the accompanying cinematic music video: filmed singing in a dark, empty expanse, lit only by a small shaft as rain pours down, it is hard not to connect with the artist and his raw new track.


It’s no surprise that the industry heavyweights behind the chart-topping hits of One Direction, Aitch and Mabel – namely Matt Rad, Svon and Mojam – were involved in producing ‘Unloveable’. The production prowess and alternative style mark out the track from Lewis’ previous projects, as he experiments with a more R&B sound, fusing it with his distinctively emotional vocals.


It may come as a surprise that such heart-wrenching vocals and vulnerable lyrics are the creative fruit of an artist who is covered in tattoos, sports a buzzcut and owns gold grills. But if Lewis’ latest project proves anything, it is that authenticity lies at the heart of his artistry: there’s no chance he’ll be adhering to stereotypes or being squeezed into a box anytime soon. Look out for what comes next from Lewis Fitzgerald, the artist might be remaining himself in 2024 but ‘Unloveable’ promises an ascent to new, musical heights.

Watch the music video for 'Unloveable' by Lewis Fitzgerald below: