Dublin's hip-hop mastermind Beano drops debut album Unsolicited Beef, showcasing his immersive talent while forming a unique soundscape.

Beano is Dublin’s answer to hip-hop. As Irish music continues to blow, he is ushering in a new strain of talent from the Emerald Isle with his unique twist on ’90s boom bap. Born and bred in north Dublin, his sound is instantly identifiable through slick rhyme schemes and his distinct regional accent, partnered with gritty flows.


His debut album, Unsolicited Beef, is an 11-track project serving a meaty variety of tracks, from the dynamically driven anthem ‘Shark Week’ to more mellow tunes like ‘Anointed in Art’. It captures his most polished and versatile work yet. His natural way with words shines through, embedding poignant lyrics in each track elevated with rampant political messaging, which analyses social issues in the country.


The cultural significance of his work has engaged a charged fanbase, and new to navigating the hip-hop landscape, he’s expecting a year that solidifies his place in the Irish music pantheon. His candid ability to meld language and genre is brought to life in the title track, a collaboration with fellow artist Donkobz. Its laid-back cadence and steely lyrics offer a rich tapestry of contemplation. ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’ captures his ability to meld basslines and lyricism, formulating a new nostalgia.


Speaking about ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’, Beano says: “The single is a time capsule of milestones and memories from my childhood, right through to today. The creative process for ‘Ellenfield Park Flow’ was a cathartic one for me – as I got to revisit a number of locations and experiences that are very close to me in a local and artistic setting.”

Listen to Unsolicited Beef now: