Pop artist VØR shares haunting new single "Unspoken" that reaches a crashing, electronic-infused chorus.

With a simultaneously powerful yet fragile voice, rising artist VØR is trying to find her answers in a world where often there are none. Through her music, she excavates the feelings shared in modern-day life.


Having shared two EPs, ‘Liminal’ (2018) and ‘Liminal II’ (2020), VØR now presents her debut album, ‘Honey’.


Speaking on her process, VØR said: “My music allows me to take a break and to enter a world in which I can dream and find myself. It is my safe space and I try to share this feeling of security with the audience. In a different way, extended topics from their environment meet the existing evil demons of her thoughts on ‘Honey'”.


“There is no fixed topic on ‘Honey’, in some songs I observe my innermost and share it. My fears, my depression, or what it was like to grow up with someone who is an alcoholic. In other songs, I share my observations and become a kind of magnifying glass for the listener. I address topics that are considered a taboo and that can also hurt – if you take a closer look.”


VØR’s first taste of ‘Honey’ comes in the shape of “Unspoken”, a single that conjures up memories of a past love. Music is used by the artist in this way to navigate a path out of the darkness, represented in the changing sonic landscape of the track, which begins delicately and builds to a powerful, crashing chorus.

Listen below: