Multi-faceted artist Jihae makes her return to the musical realm with the release of her brand new single “Utopia”.

As an independent artist who runs her own label, Jihae took on multiple jobs in order to continue to make records before landing her debut into acting as identical twins in ‘Mars’ miniseries on Netflix. She then went on to act in Peter Jackson’s ‘Mortal Engines’ as well as HBO’s ‘Succession’. Jihae also co-created and directed a multimedia rock opera with Pulitzer Prize and Academy award winning playwright, John Patrick Shanley based on her 3rd concept album, ‘Fire Burning Rain’.


Now returning with new music, the multi-faceted artist shares her latest track “Utopia”. The single is an uplifting ballad that offers a much-needed refreshing break from all the doom and gloom. Jihae has created a listening experience that incites a euphoric state of mind through a lush soundscape of dreamlike harmonies and ethereal vocal hooks.


Speaking to the creative process behind the track Jihae states, “I spent 16 months working on Utopia, writing and rewriting, determined to make it uplifting. The process helped me pick myself off the ground. I hope the song can shed light for those feeling a lot of dark these days, and the message of love and unity can calm the climate of hate and division. The theme of the song is coming together to care for one another as the realisation of a utopian dream, a positive projection off of our existential limbo.”


Exploring beyond the boundaries of musical genres, Jihae is a great example of a modern-day multimedia artist with a driven hustle and plethora of talents.

Listen to "Utopia" below: