British DJ Duo, Switch Disco, rev up the club scene with their latest, summer-inspired project, VACANCY EP.

Looking to escape the winter blues and bask in the revitalising warmth of a summer’s day? Then Switch Disco’s highly awaited four-track project is the perfect place to start. VACANCY EP stands as a testament to the duo’s infectious mixes and feel-good anthems that plunge you into a soundscape laden with bona fide euphoria. Not only does the EP stand as an ode to their feel-good artistry, it wraps up a gallant year fittingly, which leaves us questioning, is there anything the pair cannot do?


Switch Disco are far from newcomers to the scene; they’re seasoned professionals who have been shaking up the dance scene for over 10 years. Their previous single, ‘REACT’—which featured esteemed singer-songwriter Ella Henderson—basked in the spotlight of the Top Ten, as well as peaking at #4 in the UK Official Charts. Their continuous hair-raising anthems have propelled them to their biggest summer yet, marked by a 21-week residency at Ibiza Rocks and a multitude of weekly shows across Europe and the US.


Seeking to sustain the momentum, while riding the elation of the past summer, VACANCY EP emerges as the alchemical distillation of those sun-soaked moments. The EP’s lead track, ‘VACANCY’, opens the EP paradigmatically, weaving a mesmerising vocal into a dancefloor revelation that beckons hands skyward, whilst synths blend with an ascending piano chorus that paints a portrait of sonic transcendence.


The EP’s second cut, ‘EASE MY MIND’, stands as a soaring anthem, perfect for those sing-along moments, whilst the third, ‘WHAT YOU WANT’,  delivers a pulsating bassline with a chorus so infectious it’s bound to get you on the dancefloor in no time. It seems fitting that the EP’s finale is Switch Disco’s biggest track to date, ‘REACT’, which homes a hypnotic melody that weaves a tale of attraction.


Amidst the EP’s four tracks, you’ll find immersive and infectious soundscapes that compel you to surrender to the uplifting vibes laced into every moment of Switch Disco’s zestful anthems. So, go on, escape winter’s melancholy and elope into sunnier days by pressing play on VACANCY EP.

Listen to VACANCY EP now: