High-tech vape brand HQD set their sights on the UK market with the release of two brand new products: the HQD WAVE and HQD Super Pro available in a range of delicious flavours.

Formed in 2015 and already popular and highly-established in other international locations, vape brand HQD releases two new handy products in the form of HQD WAVE and HQD Super Pro set for launch in the UK. Partnering up with several music festivals such as Dream Valley, Glades of Glory and One Out, HQD’s new products are sleek, fun and promote that fuss-free vape experience that you can easily whip out on the festival dance floor this summer.


The HQD WAVE is a colourful, smoothly designed disposable Vape that comes in 21 vape e-juice flavours, including well-loved options like Cola and Strawberry Lemonade as well as a few new adventurous flavours such as ‘Dragon Strawberry’ and ‘Black Ice’.

HQD Super Pro is HQD Wave’s super sleek sister that comes in a slim line size and a luxurious metal casing that is easily stashable. A must-have option for design fans, the HQD Super Pro is available in 19 flavours from ‘Energize’ to ‘Banana Ice’. You’re bound to discover a new favourite whilst vaping in style. Both products come with 600 puffs and 20mg of nicotine.


Renowned for their high-quality products that ooze with design-minded style and practicality, HQD are a serious contender on the UK market. HQD WAVE and HQD Super Pro are both now available from selected UK stockists.