“Velvet” by Lines

If Skins still existed, this would be the soundtrack...

At this point, it seems as though every other band would label themselves as ‘DIY’, owning to the fact they have a tiny bit of creative control over their musical output. But when it comes to Swedish-born trio LINES, they’re the real DIY deal. In their own home-made studio, they write, produce and mix their entire musical catalogue, ensuring their every element of the project is entirely in their hands. The attention to detail shows; their final product is alt-pop that literally bangs, with roaring synths, pulsing beats and uplifting gang vocals. There seems to be no stopping them. 

Their latest offering is the epic “Velvet”. Reminiscent of MGMT back in their hay-day, “Velvet” is a loud, synth-heavy banger that’s determined to stay firmly stuck in your head. It’s alt-pop for the Skins generation, the kind that caters to crowds that thrive off chaotic house-parties and three-day raves – which isn’t surprising given that the trio decided to form the band while on wild weekend in Berlin.

“Most of the time I hate myself and wish I never was born. My self-doubt, insecurity and the psychology around it is far too big for me to grasp.” frontman Fred Ross says of their new track. “So I try to focus on something more idealistic, like this vision of myself playing drums with Velvet Underground.” It’s is a step in the right direction and evidence that LINES are well on their way to obtaining the musical recognition they deserve. There’s no avoiding it, “Velvet” is coming soon to a party near you…

"Velvet" by Lines