American singer-songwriter Juliet Callahan drops latest melancholic track “Venom”.

Juliet Callahan is a pop-rock singer-songwriter unafraid of bending genres. Her new single “Venom” captures every element of this fearlessness, a track that tackles facing some of life’s pains. Citing inspirations ranging from Lil Peep, to Stevie Nicks, to Limp Bizkit, it is unsurprising that Juliet’s own music offers listeners such variety: a dive into trap beats, sub-bass and grungy guitar lines alongside Callahan’s ethereal vocals.


Driven by a desire for uniqueness, discovering songwriting gave Juliet an outlet for self-reflection. Often touching on human topics such as heartbreak, love and relationships, she describes how: “Writing is my therapeutic outlet to express myself. But I am also deeply motivated to write to whoever may be listening so that you all can feel like you’re not alone through the milestones we all face in the ups and downs of life.”


New tune “Venom” is no different, dark, melancholic and brimming with raw emotion. Using the writing as a cathartic process, Juliet continues to describe how “Venom is about facing the pain that is rooted in people who have turned their back on you or hurt you to whom you still feel connected. It is about processing that pain by letting go and realizing that you cannot change them or the outcome of the situation. It is about learning to love yourself when you are alone with your thoughts and about self-empowerment.”

Stream "Venom" below: