Brand new indie four-piece, Sterling Press, debut with their single "Very Fun Times".

Finally establishing themselves as Sterling Press, the West London based band is formed of Ed Higgins (guitar, vocals), Greg Smith (guitar, vocals), Marlon Reynier (bass, vocals) and Lucien Ismael (drums). Drawing on influences from a span of genres including punk, ska, and techno music, the lads have released their debut single, an indie-leaning bop.


Only coming together in the spring of 2020, the band’s debut single “Very Fun Times” is bustling with guitar melodies and pounding beats. At first listen you hear a cheery indie track but are then happily surprised by layered trumpets and even perhaps to some a swing band feel.


This track shows heaps of potential from Sterling Press and a debut album, you will be happy to hear, is already in talks. A hit UK band has been long overdue and Sterling Press might just fit the bill.

Listen to "Very Fun Times" by Sterling Press below: