Multi-instrumentalist ADLR drops his latest EP, ‘Very Sophisticated’, a homage to the Brooklyn music scene that advocates living in the moment.

Will Adler, or ADLR as he’s better known, is a singer, electronic musician, and multi-instrumentalist. It isn’t surprising then, that his latest EP, ‘Very Sophisticated’, is self-mixed, produced and mastered. The four-track record spans genres, landing on French House, NU-Disco and Indietronica in tracks such as lead single, “Won’t Let This One End”.


ADLR’s single takes on the unpredictability of being young and dating in NYC, and the painful pursuit of finding a relationship that lasts. The track reflects this mentally draining cycle, incorporating electronic and analogue elements entangled with funky basslines, electronic drums, and smooth lead guitar. ADLR describes being sonically inspired by the music scene in Brooklyn and wanting to incorporate the ‘metallic sounding elements’ of the techno-based Brooklyn club scene. The name ‘Very Sophisticated’, he says, is intended ironically, a reaction to the pressure of having to maintain a polished brand image.


His live performances are a unique experience, as he plays his tracks using live instruments on stage. To date, he has played some of New York’s most legendary venues, including Mercury Lounge, SOB’s and the Cutting Room. With more tracks in the pipeline and plenty of upcoming shows, you’ll be sure to see a lot more of ADLR in the coming months.

Stream his new EP below: