Sounds influenced by her mixed Asian heritage, and soulful ballads of the 90s, inspire Vicky Pasion’s beautiful single - ‘Can’t Go Back’.

Vicky Pasion is an upcoming recording artist from North West London. After the independent release of her mixtape, ‘Life is But a Vapour’ (2017) created at the Roundhouse, Camden, and her headlining performance at the infamous Notting Hill Arts Club, Vicky released ‘Limit Less’ (2018) – a short documentary that captured the hearts of a community of dreamers.


In the two-year period that followed her final performance, Vicky spent time travelling through Asia exploring her roots. This meditative period influenced the creation of her latest project, an anticipated EP that promises unapologetic vocals and a soulful songbird-like range. After this introspective songwriting season, Vicky further immersed herself into the world of sustainable fashion. In fashion, she found herself taken by the realities within the industry and has actively sought to create positive change through her artistic projects.


Since then, she has collaborated with some of London’s most exciting creatives ahead of the release of her new music. The first single off her upcoming project, ‘Can’t Go Back’, hints of a grounded perspective, vulnerable yet assured that this new season of life is one that Vicky won’t turn away from. As the project develops, Vicky delves into the shadows of her past, lyrically confessional about her early experience in foster care, grappling with her mental health and overcoming destructive relationships.


With her strong background on West End stages, Vicky Pasion’s live shows promise to immerse viewers in a theatrical expression of her story so far.

What part does fashion play in your everyday life?

I’ve always enjoyed playing with trends but seeing fashion as a part of my every day, and as a form of self-expression, really came into play at the beginning of this year… I started thinking more about the visual aspect of my music, and I became more mindful about what I wanted to wear and why.


So, earlier in the year I went to an exhibition at the V&A: ‘Fashioned From Nature’. This experience opened my mind to the connection between the natural world and the fashion industry: from how materials are grown and sourced, to the many people involved in the creation process behind the scenes; it brought up the question of fair pay and safe working conditions, especially for women and children in developing countries, and how transporting these materials can have a damaging affect on climate change – right up to considerations of how fast trends come and go and the increase of waste on our planet.


Once I became aware of these chains of events, it actually became quite overwhelming, as there are many factors to consider day-to-day; ultimately though, I’m learning to slow down my impact in this relentless chain by truly treasuring items that I already own, being selective when purchasing new items and mindful when collaborating with designers.


I’ve browsed around thrift and vintage stores this year, opting for pre-loved and upcycled pieces, and I’ve had so much fun swapping clothes with my friends and mum! Fashion has become an extension of my lifestyle – as I continue to make conscious choices and allow myself to playfully explore sustainable possibilities. I’m less focused on keeping up with trends, and more focused on how items make me feel and the stories behind them.

Has being engaged with sustainable fashion influenced your creative process and artistry?

Definitely! This year I’ve organically met more people who are mindful about their lifestyles, their relationship to the world and, by extension, their engagement with fashion. Being around these creatives and engaging with conversations about how we can create a more sustainable and ethical world has definitely influenced how I think about using my art to actively create change.


Working on my second music project and visuals, I’m more mindful of who I collaborate with. Typically, there are fewer people of colour, particularly from working-class backgrounds, within the creative industries, and with every session, shoot or event I have, I’ve been conscious of creating opportunities to collaborate with people of colour who have interesting stories to share, and who may have solutions to how we can keep creating without wasting huge amounts.


Iron sharpens iron, and I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with honest, loving energy so that everyone in the team can continue to grow. It requires a lot of energy to consider sustainable options during the creative process – but hearing and seeing everything come together is so beautiful and rewarding.

What messages would you love listeners to connect to in your music?

“Been focused on the inner me/ Finally feeling whole and free/ Made this my reality / Everything feels in my reach…” Those are the first lyrics in my first single: “Can’t Go Back”. I see it as Part 2 of “Perhaps”, a record off my first mixtape ‘Life is but a Vapour’, hinting of a more mature, anchored and passionate me. After my first project, I went travelling and into meditation – I started to gain perspective, shed layers of emotional baggage, and made sense of this transition by writing song after song after song.


In ‘Can’t Go Back’, I experiment with sounds from my mixed background, and my intention is for people to connect with the idea of going on an outward journey, only to realise that the voice you’ve been seeking has been within you all along. It takes time to face the shadows in all of our lives, but my hope is that people connect with my honesty, and feel like they’re not alone. There’s a hint of hope in this record as I’ve discovered that once you taste the fruits of freedom – you can’t go back.

Listen to Vicky Pasion’s beautiful new single ‘Can’t Go Back’ below!