Toronto's Victoria Alex is a pop punk artist with a story to tell.

Introduction to a Musical Prodigy


Victoria Alex is a name resonating with genuine emotion and a celebration of genres. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Victoria is a pop punk artist with a story to tell, one that is often deeply personal and relatable. This feature explores her journey, inspirations, and her pursuit to empower through music.


Musical Roots and Inspirations


Victoria’s journey began at a very tender age, with drives around the town, soaking in the timeless tunes of classic rock bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin, alongside her dad. These early experiences carved the initial musical imprints on her soul, leading her to fall in love with the classic rock vibe instantaneously. This amalgamation of classic rock with her contemporary pop punk core creates a sound that is nostalgic yet refreshing.


Victoria draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists such as Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Paramore, Bryan Adams, and Hall & Oates. Their timeless music impacts people globally, and Victoria aspires to do the same – to touch hearts, to empower and to be the voice for many. It hasn’t been done since greats like Avril and Alanis, that Canada has produced an artist with such distinctive powerful vocals driven by awesome melodies and kick ass music. For Victoria, the realization of this dream isn’t bound by sold-out arenas; it’s in knowing that her music has been the catalyst for someone to rise and fight.


Victoria Alex is single handedly bringing back that nostalgic feel good 90’s pop punk, with growing smash hits “LET’S PRETEND” and “I HATE YOUR FRIENDS”  written and produced by Charlie Angel who is also owner of her production company Angel Parc. She has industry anticipation for her debut EP that is TBD, slated for the top of 2024.


Journey, Hurdles, and Resilience


Her music is a tableau, representing various shades of emotions and experiences. It is a melody-driven reflection of her life experiences, teetering between Indie, Classic Rock, Acoustic, and Hard Rock vibes, based on her mood and the sentiments brewing within her at the moment of creation.


The road to realizing her dream is fraught with highs and lows, but for Victoria, the pursuit is worth every hurdle. She’s unafraid of rejections and unabashedly real, and she believes in the transformative power of music to connect and heal. Her most recent project is a poignant depiction of a breakup she endured, with every song painting a picture of a different emotion experienced during the ordeal.


Musical Aspirations and Global Connections


Victoria’s musical aspirations also extend to performing at Glastonbury, envisioning a musical family amongst thousands of her listeners. Her affiliation to Vector Management in the US, with established names like Cheo Christian Green and established hit song writer, Makeba Riddick, underscores her commitment to her craft. Drawing inspiration from artists like Miley Cyrus and The Eagles, Victoria admires the texture and command of Miley’s voice and the emotions The Eagles’ music invokes. It’s this mix of contemporary energy and an old soul that reflects in her music, a perfect blend representing her unique musical identity.


Conclusion: The Harmonious Resilient


Victoria Alex is not just a musician; she is a storyteller, an empowerer, and a beacon of real, unadulterated emotion. She is the fresh face of Rock ‘n Roll, a courageous artist bringing forth her heart through her music, unafraid of being judged, and poised to be the anthem for many. Her musical journey is a testament to her resilience and her unyielding love for music. As she marches ahead, breaking her heart and liberating it through her songs, the world awaits the harmonious symphony of her musical tales.





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