Ukrainian rock band, Okean Elzy, drop the music video for their latest anthemic track, ‘Voices Are Rising’.

For Okean Elzy, music is more than just mere noises; it’s a conduit for liberation, a channel where heartfelt messages can be shared, and inspiration can be found. Crafting music that becomes beacons of hope in their homeland, Ukraine, the five-piece have used their platform to advocate for peace and solidarity in the face of adversity, whilst unravelling Ukraine’s rich culture through their poignant lyrics.


Following recent events, Okean Elzy’s work has evolved into unspoken war anthems of their country. Whisking up tracks that channel rock’s vigour and pop’s catchiness, their music has seen them tour across the globe, currently embarking on the first leg of their Help For Ukraine headline tour around Europe.


Dropping their latest track, ‘Voices Are Rising’ last month, the single is an ode to the band’s multifaceted artistry. The punchy soundscape unfurls a narrative centred on the energy and personas that everyone carries. Through soft and melodic verses that feel as warm as a cup of tea, the track swiftly unfolds into an anthemic banger, with a thumping bassline and pulsating drums that carry the intensity of despair surrounding the grievances of the Ukrainian people.


Accompanying the track, Okean Elzy put their efforts into creating and producing a music video. Laden with brightly coloured hues of turquoise and amber, we see the four-piece perform the new single in their distinctive aesthetic style.


The band’s lead vocalist Sviastoslav ‘Slava’ Vakarchuk says, “‘Voices Are Rising’ is a song about energy. Everyone has an enormous amount of energy inside. The challenge is to be able to use this energy for the benefit of good things. It is an important skill I like to use every time I face difficulties.

Watch and Listen to 'Voices Are Rising' now: