Press play on the new track exploring the very relatable "internal battle of allowing oneself to be loved"...

Hailing from America, indie-bedroom pop artist Logan Alexandra has gone global: catapulting to viral fame on TikTok and Youtube, she’s already left an indelible mark on the industry at only 24-years-old. Now dropping her latest single ‘Wait…’, she’s ready to enchant audiences even more with her unique brand of alt-pop.


Logan Alexandra is already on her way to becoming a household name for her viral mashups and clever parody choir videos, with one particular video racking up an astounding 29 million views on YouTube. Now curating her own sound, she offers a musical experience that effortlessly blends elements of pop, indie pop, and bedroom pop, stirring sentiments of love and emboldening self-discovery.


Brand new track ‘Wait…’ is a delightful addition to Logan’s already impressive discography: delicate yet powerful, intimate yet universal. The song’s lyrics delve into the playfully relatable struggle of not comprehending how someone could love you, despite manifold manifestations of endearment.


Reflecting on the track, Logan Alexandra shared her thoughts: “Sometimes we convince ourselves that we are undeserving of love, to the point where we cannot recognise the love that is right in front of us. That’s precisely what this song explores—the internal battle of allowing oneself to be loved.”


With ‘Wait…’, Logan Alexandra continues to solidify her status as a rising star within the indie pop scene. Connecting with her audience through genuine storytelling and infectious melodies, she sets herself apart as an artist poised for an enviable career to come.


As Logan’s enchanting music continues to captivate hearts worldwide, ‘Wait…’ is the perfect addition to her repertoire. Prepare to be swayed by the emotional depth and catchy vibe that has become her signature, cementing her place as an artist to keep on your radar.

Press play on 'Wait...' now: