The Brit School alumni drops his latest beat, "Wait For You".

As far as the Brit School alumni goes, it’s a pretty extensive – and impressive – list. Everyone from Adele, Amy Winehouse and King Krule have passed through its doors – a testament to the type of talent that the school produces. And there’s a new kid on the block; Dayo Bello is the singer-songwriter whose emotional lyricism and his powerful vocals are getting him noticed, and he’s shared his latest jam exclusively with Notion.

His latest jam, the ethereal “Wait For You” is an ode to long distance relationships, touching upon the juxtaposition of being apart compared with the feeling of being reunited. It’s both mellow and melancholy, with soaring and longing vocals. The track alone stands as evidence to the very promising career that Bello has ahead of him.

“Wait For You” is when the pure joy of a relationship gets a wake-up call from the reality of life around them,” Bello explains of the release. “The constraints of long distance relationships are one of the worst to deal with, but even with all its twists and turns that aren’t ideal, you can actually push through and keep the relationship going. This song is for that moment.” He’ll be standing alongside the greats in no time… 


"Wait for You" by Dayo Bello