Toronto rising star KIANA releases video for latest single "Wait On Me", a tribute to women everywhere.

For KIANA, gaining notoriety in her native Toronto was only part of the plan. Striving to be the globally recognised artist she is today, the sultry singer-songwriter is rapidly rising through the ranks, stunning people with her soulful soundscapes and stunning storylines. “Wait On Me” is her latest single. Encapsulating boldness and bravery through meaningful visuals, the cinematic music video adds another dimension to the release, immersing us in a story so expertly created by director Sina Dolati.


Currently shortlisted for eight categories at the Berlin Commercial Festival, KIANA’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. Earning over half a million plays globally, she’s become a name at the top of many tastemakers’ tongues, although she knows that she still has far more to give in her fruitful music career.


A tribute to women everywhere, the visuals for “Wait On Me” are both potent and passionate. The storyline is inspired by an Iranian couple who were sentenced after a video surfaced of them dancing in front of the Iranian freedom tower.  On the narrative, she says, “The video was inspired by women in Iran who have gone against rules to regain their power and rights by fighting for their freedom to make decisions freely and live unapologetically.” It’s a significant story told in a compelling way. Don’t be mistaken, this won’t be the last you hear of KIANA.

Watch the video for “wait on me” below: