Australian-based musician Harrison Cramond is surfing the music industry with his latest single 'Wait Till I Get Home'.

Do you ever have those moments when you’re humming a riff to yourself that you’ve just created and think, ‘Wow that would be a great track?’. Well, Harrison Cramond has that exact epiphany. Sitting with his guitar on the coast of New South Wales, Harrison Cramond played an impromptu motif which he later transformed into his newest track, ‘Wait Till I Get Home.’


The latest track in Harrison Cramond’s repertoire offers heartfelt lyrics and a melange of piano, guitar, electric guitar and percussion, all piecing together to produce a ballad to tempt listens to get on their feet and groove with the creative as he takes you on a musical journey.


Growing up immersed in music his entire life, even birthed to Beethoven, Harrison Cramond lives for melodies. His early years were spent between Hawaii and Australia; he draws upon his diverse cultural upbringings and infuses them into his work. Acoustic guitar and beach vibes encompass the youth of the artist and the inspiration he takes from his surroundings; as he states, “this song encapsulates nostalgic feelings of new connections”.


Harrison Cramond’s signature alt-pop/alt-rock sounds mix beautifully with his ability to create infectious beats and layer them with clever, emotional lyrics which permeate the soul. So, run to the beach, bask in the sun, and stick on Harrison Cramond’s latest tune, out now.

Listen to 'Wait Till I Get Home' now: