South East London’s rap talisman, JRDee, redefines the boundaries of UK rap in his debut album 'Walls Of A Cocoon'.

Peeling back the walls of his own cocoon, innovative rapper JRDee is unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Enticing listeners into a mesmerising narrative reminiscent of an incubation period, he openly reflects on the hurdles he’s faced in his refreshing debut album, Walls Of A Cocoon, set against a captivating soundscape.


Forging his own path in the music scene, JRDee seamlessly melds elements from both US and UK rap cultures, drawing inspiration to approach his artistry in a distinctive manner. With an organic ability to delve into relatable yet personal themes through his poignant lyricism and lyrical prowess, he entices listeners into his expansive landscapes characterised by raw emotion through a quintessential sound.


Walls Of A Cocoon is nothing short of an ode to his intrinsic flows and introspective tendencies. Across the 11-track album, he unveils a myriad of hip-hop infused anthems, infusing subtle jazz and funk hints that seamlessly meld with traditional UK trap sensibilities. Leading his audience into an exploration of his sonic realm, each track is meticulously crafted incorporating a diverse array of disparate musical sounds.


Whether it’s the lively electronic-jazz composition of ‘Caterpillars’ or the hip-hop soaked GTA-inspired melody of ‘King’ each track feels like a continuation of the other, creating a cohesive musical journey that serves as a fitting introduction to JRDee’s artistry.


Speaking about Walls Of A Cocoon, JRDee shares, “Walls Of A Cocoon is a reflective conceptual project, addressing some thoughts, walls and obstacles that have been on my mind for quite some time. Inspired by To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar, especially the poem at the very end of ‘Mortal Man’, I wanted to tell an ever-growing story with the butterfly analogy in a different light – the incubation cocoon state. Another thing I wanted to try was a jazzy, funky hip-hop sound I felt the UK has not explored, trying sounds that are more experimental and sonically different to the norm.”

Listen to 'Wall Of A Cocoon' now: