Glasgow gang Walt Disco met at a house party during freshers week. Handsome frontman, James Potter—Hedi Slimane cast him for the Celine 2019 spring/summer campaign dontcha know—answers our questions in Notion 87.

Walt Disco decided they’d be a band pretty much right away and kept saying they were one for quite a while before they started being a band. Influenced by 80s Scottish post-punk, now they make glam goth art-pop under slogans like “young hard and handsome”.

Who are Walt Disco?

I’m James then there’s; Lewis, Dave, Jack, Finlay, and Charlie!

Where would you take us on a night out in Glasgow?

There are some great club nights run by amazing people! Shoot Your Shot at The Poetry Club and Weirdo Warehouse at various locations, some pals run a night called Puissance at Room 2 which is loads of fun. The Flying Duck do some great nights!

Is it important for you to DIY?

Creative freedom is very important to us. I think you can still have that DIY state of mind if you’re signed or unsigned, at the end of the day support from good people and financial backing will help anyone have a long career, as well as continuing to evolve and express themselves.

Who is in charge?

I am their Mother and they are very good to me.

Do you remember the first song you wrote?

The first song Walt Disco wrote was called “Jackets” and it was about my Trans friend—we still love that song but the sound was a bit too indie pop for our liking.

What’s your process?

It’s hard to pinpoint a set process because it’s different for each song. I think starting with a strong subject and interesting references from other styles of music tends to make the creative process easier but most importantly fun!

Favourite Disney movie?

I do love Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews is my queen.

Favourite disco track?

Tough question, I’ll say “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross—it’s so iconic.

Describe your style in one word.