Christine Sako channels optimism in her indie-pop balladry, ‘Warmth'.

Since an early age, Christine Sako confronted disbelief head-on. She would create recordings of songs at home, and share them with friends, asserting that she had “just found this tune online.” When she received positive responses, Christine realised her talents were warranted. Transforming these initial doubts into her artistry, she challenges disbelief in her latest release, ‘Warmth’, all to the tender plucking of the acoustic guitar and indie-pop nuances.


Having honed her sound over time, Christine has crystalised into an iconoclastic embodiment of progressively passionate pop. Enticing curious crowds with her forward-thinking artistry, she currently sits at the zenith of her career having toured as an opening act for the likes of Paramore and Paper Route.


Aspiring to ascend greater heights in her craft, ‘Warmth’ serves as an apt launching pad. Transitioning seamlessly between acoustic guitar-driven balladry and sparkling upbeat beats, Christine’s distinctive vocal range soars across the luscious soundscape. Infusing finely tuned hooks with an edgy drumbeat, the track beckons to both her analogue and digital sensibilities that we can’t get enough of.


Speaking about her new single, Christine Sako had this to say,“‘Warmth’ is about being in that “too good to be true” mindset and how disbelief tends to be the overwhelming emotion when things seem to be going well. I started writing this song just after a breath of optimism had flown through me, realizing that indeed I was exactly worthy of the promising journey that was budding in my life.”

Listen to 'Warmth' now: