WASTEDJU drops the grunge track "e-girl", a modern twist on 00s emo music.

The nostalgic track harks back to a time of MSN, MySpace, Omegle and Cyberdog goths dominating Camden. No wonder it’s become popular on TikTok.


WASTEDJU described the new track as “ A modern day spin on early 00s emo music and a parody of the genres overtly sexual undertones and its infatuation with teen angst. ”


To accompany the song came a self-directed music video, with WASTEDJU clad in an emo wig and tie, the look is finished off with a pair of black and white Converse, because what kind of emo are you without them?. In the visual, he video chats with a paramour, who is adorned in cyber goth/rave clothing, including neon braids and a neon bandaid. When sharing the video to Instagram, WASTEDJU commented: “Giving this song its visual representation has been very special to me.”


For those not acquainted with the term ‘e-girl’, it’s a subculture that emerged in the late 2010s. The look is inspired by skater culture, 1990s–2000s fashion, anime, K-pop, hip hop, goth, and rave. The subculture is still alive and well, but in the absence of Tumblr, e-people have all moved to Twitter and TikTok.


“e-girl” is WASTEDJU’s fifth track to be released. Since his cheerily-titled debut single “DEATH” in 2018, the Chicago-based musician has released steadily over the past two years.

Listen to "e-girl" by WASTEDJU below: