TrUth Speaks Volumes is poised to take listeners on a mesmerising journey with high-octane hip-hop anthem, “Wave”.

The time is now for Washington DC native, Shannon ‘TrUth Speaks Volumes’ Newman, to make her entrance. She’s just dropped her debut album, ‘It’s Time”, an offering which blends her hip-hop sensibilities with soul-stirring melodies – as well as being punctuated with a diverse array of collabs with esteemed DMV artists including Val Underwood, Seviin, and Sweets (Is) Love. Lead single from the album, “Wave”, is a hypnotic anthem steeped in energy and flow. Bringing her full artist repertoire to the release, the song possesses the commercial edge of pop-rap with an experimental edge.


TrUth’s musical evolution over the past few years has been an exciting one to watch, given her humble beginnings in the local church choir. She discovered a passion for creating music that speaks to the heart and soul, which blossomed from an early love for poetry. Fast forward to last year, the artist’s dedication was honoured when she brought home the coveted “Best Musician” award at the DMV Renaissance Awards, proving her growing impact on the regional music scene.


Opening up on her rise, as well as her new release , TrUth explains, “Wave is about being proud of your accomplishments even when others may not congratulate you. Oftentimes, no one’s around when you’re treading water, trying not to drown. But everyone wants to ride the wave of your success. Here’s to staying afloat and making waves while doing it!”

Listen to "Wave" below: