Sú North balances lo-fi jazz, indie, and alt hip-hop in his hypnotic new offering, “Waves”, out now.

Sú North is the alternative hip-hop and rap artist known for his charismatic lyricism, which he’s brought in full supply for his latest single “Waves”. Tackling the turbulence that comes with healing, the Harlem-hailer blends his knack for poetry with the hypnotic vocals of Jada Imani for an introspective listen. “This song was written to help myself and others embrace their ‘battle scars’ from all different walks of life,” he explains.


For the single, North sought out female musicians in the Bay Area to bring their talent to the forefront. Imani, who’s a voting member of the Grammys Recording Academy, shines throughout the track, complimenting North’s seamless transition between singing and rapping. He calls too upon background vocals from Cheska Cruz, violin playing from Joylin, and guitar from Brittany Heys.


When creating the track, North tapped into his emotions following an intensive therapy session, for which he is a strong advocate. “Self love is not one emotion and my single before this shows the joy self love brings,” he shares, in reference to previous track “Yellow”.  “You just learn to understand both sides of yourself, just like a surfer learns how to ride the waves of the ocean.”


Bringing his interests in the visual side of artistry to life, North took the role of cinematographer and creative director to make an accompanying music video for “Waves”, which is out to watch now.  

Listen to "Waves" now: