The perfect soundtrack for summer, Nigerian singer songwriter Tekno returns with brand new single 'WAYO'.

A poignant ambassador of emerging Nigerian sound, Tekno is the virtuoso documenting the cityscape and spirit of Lagos. On the back of the success of his 2023 album The More The Better, the rising musician has released a brand new single into the world. Just as he kickstarts his international tour, it seems like it’s all kicking off for Tekno.


Taking on a new flavour in his diverse musical palette, his latest single, ‘WAYO’, is a seamless blend of infectious percussion, hypnotic synths, and luscious guitar arrangements held together with layered vocals cutting at the heart of the song’s intentions. With its origins in Nigerian slang, ‘Wayo’ is a shortcut for ‘scam’. Far from deceptive, the message of the single emphasises his denotation for somebody, cleverly juxtaposing the title.


With his genre-bending sound, the track captures his candid ability to blend R&B, Afrobeats and Afropop. Propelled by its melodic baseline and catchy hooks, the single couldn’t have come at a better time – a great soundtrack for all of summer’s effervescent offerings. Heightened in the accompanying video, the track illustrates a tapestry of Lagos’ exuberant spirit and the challenge of finding love in such a raucous environment.


The polymath has garnered star-studded recognition from the likes of Billie Eilish, Beyoncé and Drake, dominating an international fanbase and boasting an impressive 10 million Instagram followers. Part of his appeal originates from his flourishing collaborations with renowned creatives. Producing a track with Grammy winner ShugaVybz, the single embodies a rare seamless but far from saccharine smoothness. The single also sees Tekno embark on a new limb of his career, becoming an investor and partner in the emerging African label Cartel Music.


Ahead of the tour and reveling in the adrenaline from the release, Tekno says, “This strategic alliance with Empawa promises to be a gamechanger for the African music industry and a beacon of opportunity for artists. We look forward to seeing how this partnership will catalyse the growth of emPawa Africa, its artists, and the broader African music ecosystem”.

Listen to 'WAYO' now: