Nigerian alté polymath Senth unravels the complex tapestry of human emotions in sophomore EP, Wayyy Saucy.

“The project was a process of blossoming into full potential”, says R&B buff Senth when speaking about his new EP. Titled Wayyy Saucy, the five-track project sees Senth leaving no stone unturned: navigating through themes of love, desire and sensuality, all with his sultry vocals and resonant lyrics that only provide further depth to his artistry.


Senth is not your regular R&B artist. He collides Nigerian alté with R&B nuances to tune out his quintessential soundscapes, where each track bears heartfelt experiences. Soulful melodies meld with evocative songwriting, all to the rhythmic pulse of contemporary R&B and alternative tempos, while his distinct singles all individually communicate various aspects of human emotions.


Opening with the tenderness of ‘Good Morning’, a track filled with warmth and euphoria of waking up next to a loved one, while ‘Lucy’— Senth’s self-professed favourite track on the project— stands as a proclaimed anthem for women. We see ‘Bend It’ demonstrate Senth’s experimental touch tapping into a spicier and more bass-driven foray, and ‘On My Mind’ and ‘Deserve Better’ delve into themes of self-love and a journey towards self-acceptance.

Listen to Wayyy Saucy below: