Musical polymath Jasper Sommer releases his new single 'We Could Rule The World' - an ambient, yet deeply personal, anthem.

The moment Jasper Sommer picked up his brother’s guitar as a small child, his heart and mind became set on making music: at the age of 11 he formed a band with two friends (mostly performing covers of Blink 182 songs); then through secondary school (after being inspired by the production of The Weeknd’s first EP) he trained himself up on Garageband. Before long, the Derbyshire-born musical polymath was producing his own electronic soundscapes.


Now Jasper Sommer is a member of London’s PushCrayons Collective (alongside pioneering young artists including Kojey Radical), and just dropped his new single, ‘We Could Rule The World’. The ambient track – singularly produced and sung by Jasper – is deep, dark and brooding. Depression is the subject, explored through emotional lyrics but even more profoundly in the intricate web of experimental instrumentals. Using eerie, expansive basslines and unpredictable breakbeat drums Jasper is able to translate dark, confusing feelings into an immersive sonic experience.


Having suffered from depression, Jasper knows all too well how immensely lonely mental illness can make one. For him, it was important thatWe Could Rule The World’ also addressed the hope and light at the tunnel’s end – audible in the song’s tonal shift. Speaking about the work, Jasper Sommer says ‘at times we may feel like nothing is worth it…contemplating the idea that we’re all one piece to a unified whole, brings peace and the ability to conquer the world inside our minds.’ 


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Listen to 'We Could Rule The World' now: