Spearheaded by Guvna B, the ‘We Got Love Project’ are reminding us all to find unity through music.

It’s not often a collection of renowned British artists pull together to share a similar vision. The recently-formed ‘We Got Love Project’, however, are doing just this on their debut EP.  Featuring members in the calibre of Becca Folkes, Tertia May, CondoSeven, 678Nath, Bianca Rose, Joshua Luke Smith, Limoblaze, Asha Elia, Tidez, Collistar, Wole Agbaje, Imprint Worship, and not to mention Guvna B himself, the collective is on a mission to help us discover the inner strength we all possess, but sometimes find hard to unearth. 


Released earlier this month, their aptly titled debut single “We Got Love”, sees the collaborative efforts of Becca Folkes and Miss May fuelling a UKG winter jam. Radiating a much-needed warmth for the chillier months, the single marks the beginning of a promising era for everyone involved in the project, who all bring their unique strengths to the table. 


Across the EP, an undulating range of textures personify the differing emotive performances from each artist. A soulful mix of R&B, afrobeats and hiphop runs throughout, reflecting the broad palette of Black British genres available to us today. On the project, MOBO winner and collective coordinator Guvna B says “I feel ‘We Got Love’ is a powerful message and one that helps bring people together”. 

Stream the project below: