Creative collective, Shakeable Germ, return with their fiery fourth record “We're Going Out” and accompanying music video.

Shakeable Germ, a collective of musicians, actors, producers, and other creatives –the brainchild of fashion designer and DJ Gresham Blake and Phats and Smalls’ Jason Phats – release their fourth record, “We’re Going Out”, a defiant, dance-worthy track that arrives with a bang. 



Calling on their fellow Shakeable Germ members to craft the accompanying visuals, the video sees the lead singer and dancers dressed in coordinating Gresham Blake original tracksuits, bursting into intricate choreography in an abandoned Charing Cross station. A celebration of the everyday joys of post-lockdown life that we may have previously taken for granted, the video is high-energy, electrifying and euphoric. 



With an impressive catalogue of former collaborations under their belt – having worked with the likes of Slaves, D double E and Orbital, with video cameos from Rag n Boneman, Fatboy Slim, Steve Coogan, Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore – Shakeable Germ is prolific in their creative pursuits and never standing still. With the world slowly opening up again, Shakeable Germ echoes the excitement that resonates with us all at the beginning of our return to normality.

Watch the video for "We're Going Out" below: