An up and coming artist with a likeable sound, Hiddenhillsforever's "Westwood Village" is a vulnerable R&B jam.

Hiddenhillsforever is an up and coming talent originally from Seattle that works out of Atlanta. The artist returned to promise when he dropped his latest song “Westwood Village” a couple months ago. The single has continued to sit a top Hiddenhillsforever’s catalog as his most popular and most streamed song since its release.


Hiddenhillsforever takes a uniquely likeable alternative R&B approach to his sound. The creative is often known to show vulnerability and  on “Westwood Village” he does just that. The single talks about him and a conflict with his love interest. The emotional, down to earth track has helped the creator to connect deeper with his fans.


“Westwood Village” has set Hiddenhillsforever well heading into the new year. The artist is just beginning to hit his stride and has plans to release a new EP soon.


Stream "Westwood Village" below: