16-year-old Donatella releases debut single "What Do I Do Now?", a genre-blending exploration of love and loss.

Donatella Petrucci is a London based singer songwriter who started her musical journey at the tender age of 8. Still only 16, she fell in love with EDM and Dance music during lockdown and the result is a debut single “What Do I Do Now”. An artist of colour, Donatella is taking up much needed space in the EDM and dance world, playing a part in using her platform to increase diversity, as well as empower others who may have been historically disadvantaged. 


“What Do I Do Now” was created as a reflection on the pandemic, Donatella using the unique period to narrate her own experiences. Balancing aspects of the realms of deep house, alt-pop, and electronic sounds, the result is a track that encompasses driving beats with lyrical vulnerability. Released alongside a lyric video, the visuals blur lines between fantasy and reality – representing the desired escapism of the song’s narrative upset.


Alongside the single and video, to celebrate – an NFT collection will be released on Rarible, digitally immortalizing “What Do I Do Now?”. Ready for summer play, whether by the pool or on a road trip, we’re sure this is the first of many tracks for Donatella. 

Stream "What Do I Do Now?" below: