Continuing to push the boundaries of his artistry, Hoodie Rob Uzumaki unleashes his kaleidoscopic new track, ‘What Is Love’.

In a fusion of introspection and sonic innovation, Hoodie Rob Uzumaki, the trailblazing artist at the forefront of emo-rap and alternative hip-hop, unveils his latest sonic masterpiece, ‘What Is Love’. This transformative track not only signifies Hoodie’s evolution as an artist but also marks a pivotal moment, introducing us to his ambitious new musical chapter.  


Since his debut single, ‘Misa Misa’ in 2019, Hoodie has continuously pushed the boundaries of his sound. Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences, that beams emo rap through a kaleidoscope of punk and hip-hop, he transcends genre conventions, seamlessly melding together disparate elements across the musical spectrum. He does all this while preserving a raw emotive ability that deeply resonates with an audience enamoured by his electrifying edge and distorted vocals. 


With an impressive 3 million streams on his top 10 tracks, Hoodie has solidified his position as a standout artist. His forthcoming EP promises to further expand the horizons of his artistry, offering a bold exploration of sonic landscapes and emotional depth. 


‘What Is Love’ serves as a poignant introduction to Hoodie’s new sound. His trademark autotune vocals effortlessly showcase his flow and melodic prowess, crafting a candid and vulnerable offering. Featuring potent lyricism against a backdrop of lo-fi melancholia, Hoodie delivers a track that captivates and provokes thought in equal measure. 


Reflecting on the single, Hoodie shares, “I live in the in-betweens… I hit the point where I had to take that head-on and define not just what success looks like for me as an artist, but what happiness looked like for me as well. This song is the end product of that reflection process.” 


In ‘What Is Love’, Hoodie delves deep into his songwriting with meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in a unique sonic experience. Direct and refreshing, he emerges as an artist redefining his identity and message, pushing the boundaries of his genre and beyond.

Listen to ‘What Is Love’ now: