London’s rap prodigy Eneeks explores the trials and triumphs we face while pursuing our dreams in his latest single, ‘What It Feels Like’.

Chasing our dreams can often be a challenging task, filled with unexpected obstacles. Life has a way of throwing distractions in our path, but it’s important to remember that even the most accomplished individuals face these setbacks. London’s celebrated rapper, Eneeks, empathises with this experience, as reflected in his latest offering, ‘What It Feels Like’, a track unwinding his tumultuous journey to follow his own aspirations.


Known for capturing truth in his wordplay, Eneeks continues to make waves in the niche scene of neo-soul hip-hop. Poised with the release of his forthcoming album, ‘G.I.N.A’, his recent single offers a sneak peek at what’s in store. Featuring the soulful vocals of MOBO Awards finalist, Zitah, the single hints at a promising future for the rapper.


With Zitah’s smooth velvety vocals seamlessly weaving together with Eneeks’ raw verses, a profound musical synergy is created, that encapsulates the emotional message of the track at its core. Their collaboration embodies the quintessential fusion of rap and soulful melodies, culminating in a dynamic and emotionally charged listening experience. There is a distinct depth to the track, as Eneeks excels in his craft, delivering poignant lyricism through his unwavering commitment to genuine storytelling.


Speaking about ‘What It Feels Like’, Eneeks says, “Every line of ‘What It Feels Like’ is a reflection of my own journey – the highs, the lows, the doubts, and the moments of unshakeable conviction. Zitah’s voice added a layer of depth to the song that I couldn’t have imagined.”


“This was the last song I created for my upcoming album, G.I.N.A, and I wanted to record something that uplifted my aspirations. The song is all about facing your struggles and fears, while at the same time daring to dream and be inspired to live in your own truth regardless of your circumstances. It’s a motivational love letter to people with big dreams dealing with the trials and tribulations of everyday life.”

Listen to '‘What It Feels Like’ now: