Nigerian-American artist OGECHIMUSIC transports us into her world with her dream-like R&B track "Whatever"

Growing up in Nigeria during her formative years allowed Ogechi’s interest in art and music to take flight. When she moved to North Carolina at the age of ten, Ogechi further nurtured her passion, throwing herself into her middle school art programme where she developed her musical ear. Finally, after dreaming about it for years, Ogechi relocated to LA upon graduating high school.


Then came Covid, which gave Ogechi the space to reflect on which direction she wanted to go in. After releasing her first song earlier in 2022, it went viral on TikTok, kickstarting her career in music. She continues to capture attention with her ethereal R&B sound, and her latest track “Whatever” is no exception. Ogechi’s velvety vocals invite us into her world, exploring how she finds solace in escapism.


Speaking on the track, Ogechi explains: ‘I wanted to capture a feeling we have all felt, I know personally I have been through moments when I felt like it was too hard to keep going but still persevering ! That’s kinda the inspo behind the song, it’s definitely a sad song but I think it ends on a positive note.’


Alongside the track comes stunning visuals, a series of dream-like snapshots that show off Ogechi’s star quality. With the release of “Whatever”, OGECHIMUSIC is set to reach new heights.

Listen to "Whatever" below: