Texas R&B singer-songwriter Viktoria Silk releases elegant new single “What’s Better”, establishing her as a rising star.

Multi-talented musician Viktoria Silk has found her own lane in a burgeoning R&B scene, dropping an array of graceful singles. Possessing an alluring wit, the artist strikes a balance between emotivity and playfulness in a way few other artists can. “What’s Better”, Viktoria’s latest track, is set to establish herself further as a rising star.


A life-long musician, who’s tapped her potential as a vocalist and trained audio engineer, Viktoria Silk uses her classical roots to give a new perspective on R&B. Undeniably talented, the lyricist continues to charm with an established showcase of storytelling.


Embracing a punchy beat and syrupy melodies, “What’s Better” adds another bold track to her arsenal of singles. Effortlessly painting images through vivid wordplay, the tune encapsulates heart and mind alike. Viktoria’s ability to play with different genres to experiment with the boundaries of R&B makes her an exciting prospect, and “What’s Better” only reinforces this statement.

Listen to “What’s Better” below: