Emerging alt-pop artist Aistè searches for answers in her soulful new release, “What’s Going On”.

Captivating listeners with her transcendent lyrics and grounding energy, on-the-up artist Aistè has just released a first taste of her forthcoming album, “The Theory of Everything’. The artist’s free-spirited nature shines through in this single, which has an equally uplifting and resonant sound. 


The east London-based artist began her life work in music after graduating from London School of Economics. And, come 2019, she tested the waters with her first-ever release, “Say When”, which lent more into her R&B influences. With inspirations ranging from Cleo Sol to Jimi Hendrix, she’s been honing her skills since her debut while trialling out new sounds. Now, she’s working on her upcoming album, set to release towards the end of May but the lyrics for which she managed to get down in just one day. 


Reflecting on the first teaser of “The Theory of Everything”, Aistè explains, “This song represents my attempt to articulate the social, economic, and cultural entropy we are currently experiencing. We are stronger and better when we are together.”

Listen to "What's Going On" below: