Liverpool’s own, Astles, perfects his soft-sunken vocals on his heartfelt ballad ‘When Life Catches You By Surprise’.

Astles is an artist who can transform the haziest melancholy into the most vibrant pastel hues. His sugar sweet vocals intertwined with his bonny songwriting and poignant lyricism makes the mundane burst with technicolour, as he crafts soundscapes that feel like a warm embrace from a loved one. Looking at life in a different light, he releases ‘When Life Catches You By Surprise’, another ethereal track ode to his enchanting songwriting prowess.


Growing up between the sleepy seaside town of Southport and Liverpool, it was here where he built his craft of writing songs that are homage to the heartfelt celebration of human existence, all in a voice as comforting as a cup of tea. His quintessential soundscapes has seen him earn various accolades, from performing at the notable Great Escape festival, to having his single ‘This One’s for You’ played on BBC 6 Music, the only way is up for Astles.


Set against the backdrop of an early 90’s indie beat, ‘When Life Catches You By Surprise’ sees Astles’s vocals gracefully float over a subtle groove of drums and bass. As the romantic ballad unfolds, guitar and delicate piano arpeggios are played, all whilst Astles guides us through the narrative of “falling in love with someone all over again.” The track—befitting of its title— takes unexpected turns, culminating in a crescendo of bridge-heavy guitars, soaring strings and orchestral elements.


Astles speaks on the new release: “‘When Life Catches You By Surprise’ is a song about falling in love with someone all over again. Life is always throwing unexpected things our way, some awful, some beautiful. This song was written in direct response to a moment of overwhelming bliss. It felt like I’d had my eyes closed for months, stuck in a dark room with the curtains closed, a permanent frown painted on my face. But all of a sudden, I opened them up, the sun was shining and me and the person I love couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces. “

Listen to 'When Life Catches You By Surprise' now: