Irish singer-songwriter Dylan Kearns partners up with David Curley of The Cope for his brand-new single “When the Fire Stops”.

Dylan Kearns is an emerging singer-songwriter from Ireland with a knack for songwriting thrilling synth-pop cuts. His brand-new single “When the Fire Stops” is a brooding indie release co-written with David Curley (The Cope) in his studio in Dublin.


Crafting his idiosyncratic sound throughout the pandemic, Dylan’s debut release “She’s Like a Drug” eagerly shared a glimpse of what the artist had to offer as an emerging songwriter to watch. Now officially three releases into his musical project, each track has so far steered listeners across distinctive voyages and has simultaneously drawn influence from 70s and 80s music.


Alongside working with songwriter David Curley, “When the Fire Stops” is a track compiled with the help of session musicians Joe Furlong and Cian Hanley (who added finishing touches of bass and drum parts), amongst guitarist Jake Curran. Speaking about the meaning behind his new release Dylan says: “I think the song, for me, embodies a person, who has become detached from reality through addiction but wants to get better”.

Stream “When the Fire Stops” below: