Crownz calls for listeners to stand against oppression and injustice in empowering anthem, ‘Where Dem Dey’.

Some songs are more than just soundwaves to the ear; they carry deeper meanings that are too vast to be narrowly confined to just noise, or just a song. ‘Where Dem Dey’ is a track that’s no exception to this. it’s not solely a musical composition, it’s an anthem of empowerment and a tale of resistance, all crafted by rising artist, Crownz.


Released against a backdrop of suppression and adversity in his homeland, Cameroon, Crownz is aiming to bring power back to the people. This drive is seamlessly translated in ‘Where Dem Dey’, which sees Crownz birth a song that transcends mere soundwaves and transforms into a rallying cry for unity and strength for his community in Cameroon.


The use of hip-hop chords lends the track a distinct and electric rhythm, syncing perfectly with Crownz’s vision of a track that not only resonates with listeners, but vibrates with a frequency of empowerment, resistance and activism. The melody unfurls into a zestful symphony of dissent, capturing the essence of a nation entangled in hardship.


We see the mission of the track—to restore faith, courage and power among his people—come to life in the music video for ‘Where Dem Dey’. We witness Crownz turning the streets of Cameroon into a canvas depicting the raw and unfiltered realities of life while showcasing the strength of those who are often unheard and unseen.

Listen to 'Where Dem Dey' below: