East London's Malunga returns with the relaxed R&B jam, "Who Knows" about letting life take its course.

Malunga is back with a breezy R&B track called “Who Knows”. Throughout, the up-and-coming musician flits between breathy and enchantingly croaky vocals.


“I might get lost/ Might not find my way/ But that’s OK” she singly sweetly on the pre-chorus, reminding us that life doesn’t have to mapped out – sometimes the best bits are unplanned. “Don’t know when life will come/ But it’s beautiful” Malunga summarises.


“‘Who Knows’ is about trusting the unknown and allowing life to surprise you. We can never have full control and sometimes need to let go and enjoy the ride,” Malunga said of the track.


The new song shows another side to Malunga. In the past, she’s graced a number of genres, from garage on “Toy” to pop on “Cloud” and even a more pared-back, acoustic sound on “Fly”.


As Malunga continues to demonstrate her ability to move through different styles, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Listen to "Who Knows" by Malunga below: