JZ has dropped a cool new collaboration with Bandito, "Why Do I?".

JZ has been putting in the hard work in raising her profile – accruing over 80,000 on the exclusive GRM Daily music platform and appearing on TV shows such as Eastenders, Beautiful People and Foster.


Now, she’s ready to take her success to the next level by joining forces with Bandito for a cool-as-ice new track, created alongside artists & songwriters Aaron and Darren Martyn, entitled “Why Do I?”. The tender lyrics encapsulate the timeless struggle of valuing yourself enough to put yourself forwards in a truly healthy relationship – and all the mistakes that we make along the way – with the two voices combining to show the universality of the themes that JZ is exploring. It’s a song about regret, but there’s something hopeful in it too.


On the track, JZ says, “I’m excited about this track as it’s a personal favourite of mine. I know we can all relate to these time wasting relationships. And we catch ourselves asking ‘Why Do I? (pun intended)”.

Listen to the track below: